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After buying a package you will receive it within 1-15 mins.✔️
You gotta type /checkdonate ingame or rejoin the server you bought the package for.

If you wanna purchase a package with CSGO Skins | Steam cards or paysafe cards contact:

WarBandits is running on a dedicated server hosted by GMCHosting, containing an i7 9700Ks, DDR4 RAM and SSD storage.

We only choose the best plugins for our servers to ensure you have the best experience while playing on the server without encountering any buggy / laggy plugins.

Warbandits was created by experienced server owners, we listen to the community and add new stuff to our servers based on suggestions from the community itself.

Our custom DDoS mitigation system is developed in-house by our host to provide our players with the absolute best DDoS protection out there.